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Željana Vukanac – Poems

Growing Up
Song About Myself
Life of the Dragon in the Cherry Blossoms
Autumn Afternoon


we’re pushing the sky so it won’t fall on our toes
and we cripple several years of our youth

i’m telling you what i think about the childish god
you want me to grow up, accept the mystical nature of the world

your body are the waves
what is important is to stay calm
in this concrete chaos
i can sense the pinewood
carresing me and dispersing my cares to sunnier places

a day with you is an illusion
if i was equal i couldn’t cover your thoughts

german cities are our consolation prize
the fact that we are yelled at by city officials
doesn’t touch the pea in our bright kitchen
all that we have is packed under crochets in tv boxes

AuthorŽeljana Vukanac
Translated byGjoko Zdravеski
Translated byMilan Damjanoski
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