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Željana Vukanac – Poems

Growing Up
Song About Myself
Life of the Dragon in the Cherry Blossoms
Autumn Afternoon

Life of the Dragon in the Cherry Blossoms

we laugh out loud with burning veins
we’re fearless
our woolen enemies stay trapped in the radiators
we’re cruel
we take of their suits
we put on floral masks
we strike the metal to echo in waves
the clouds shall wash away their earthly traces
we shall free with ashes our path to the stratosphere

all we have can be placed on a pistil
the emptiness is empty in all languages
food is our void
untill we appease the ghosts
until our eyes get used to the alien light
we’re cutting on the edges thinking this may help

they’ll cast the stone to be received by the cheek and call it a kiss
they’ll thunder and talk while we mutely recite with our hands and feet
we shall wave whithered and wrong
putting the verb in first place instead of ourselves

you can ask everything from us
we ourselves create the nausea
it has nothing to do with strange faces
let’s remind ourselves
we’re the flames that shall set the future free

the earth’s cores burn inside us
let’s remember
may the house spirits not carry us with them
let’s remember
the waves should not think we’re theirs
we’re propelled by fire
let’s remember
let’s call ourselves by our own names
let’s remember
let’s not forget how we got them

AuthorŽeljana Vukanac
Translated byGjoko Zdravеski
Translated byMilan Damjanoski
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