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Željana Vukanac – Poems

Growing Up
Song About Myself
Life of the Dragon in the Cherry Blossoms
Autumn Afternoon


your breathing creates harmonies of spheres
it is touching the long path of stars
movement of your words determinate frontiers,
elongated happiness in the echo of sitars

Do you see shapes that sounds create
leaving a trace in a stranger’s day
you sing that wandering dictate
that floats silently in tormented sleepy pray

travel you, smiles, airy and bold
through history as it was before;
Once again created, as we have told!
We’ll hide the old one in distant shore

We will strip the Northern Star of Hope
without the shame and the thick old rope

AuthorŽeljana Vukanac
Translated byGjoko Zdravеski
Translated byMilan Damjanoski
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