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Željana Vukanac – Poems

Growing Up
Song About Myself
Life of the Dragon in the Cherry Blossoms
Autumn Afternoon


she remained stopped
in the distance bewteen the frames
the untold anger
the serrated sentences the seething slilence didn’t help
as if she was tearing down the house ith her fury
let it fall from the roof down and drag down
the ones she ironically slammed the door for
while she remains in her encirclement
standing tall and surrounded by the bricky dust

if only she could bring it all down
and then rise up righteosly

unable to see herself, she coould not see
their damaged dreams, insecurities, the dread of their great fears
their smiles with trembling cornes their nice words without complete thoughts
get lost in the voids they fall into like easter bunnies
they disappear for a year until they are brough back to life
by the faith that the end is not tomorrow
that death has nothing to do with tomorrow

just like it has nothing to do with her
she couldn’t get herself free
and gently send the door to support the floor

AuthorŽeljana Vukanac
Translated byGjoko Zdravеski
Translated byMilan Damjanoski
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