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Poetry – Bogomil Gjuzel

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Prometheus’ Eagle


The Caucasus is a cage for me too.

Even though I’m not chained to that cliff

I have to peck his liver all day long

so at night, of course, I’m just buggered.


While his liver regenerates and grows

I dream of the endless space

where I used to glide freely

before the gods gave me this damned job.


They don’t know what they want anymore:

they say – peck him, but not too much, don’t let him die.

Let it hurt him, yet sometimes just tickle him

so that he blurps out his thoughts.


Yel I don’t even understand his words!

I know what’s in his entrails,

I know what he eats and drinks

but how figure out the language of his cells?


Hmmm, they pretend to be gods, but they understand zilch.

While I peck away, and I can’t do much more,

mice and rats eat up even the sacrifices

still offered by the people

not to mention the summer and winter crops.

As I say, I’m so stuffed I can’t even fly

(and I’ve grown to loathe liver, I’ve had a gutfull, enough for a lifetime!).

The poor guys, they must think Prometheus is only the liver.



translated by Ilija Čašule and Tomas Shapcott (An Island on Land, Anthology of Contemporary Macedonian Poetry, Compiled, edited and translated by Ilija Čašule and Tomas Shapcott, Macquarie Univeristy, Australia, 1999)

AuthorBogomil Gjuzel
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