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Poetry – Bogomil Gjuzel

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The End of the Century


Of the Rock that begat thee thou art

                unmindful, and hast forgotten God

                that formed thee.


                                V Moses; 32, 18


They say we refused the stone as God’s gift

(instead of it we chose the Fruit and the Fall)

so our life turned green, then ripe and then rotten

and not immutable and immortal


Therefore our prayers are in vain

our breath and words uttered by heart

(breathing as a constant sacrifice?)

from speech – until muteness


Perhaps we’ve already entered the stone

(the darkness within deeper than the darkness without)

within the rock and the cairn at a crossroad

which even at noon doesn’t cast a shadow


and we gaze from within like owls

with sparks in the eyes, praying in silence

and accepting the Nothingness, the bridge

over the abyss between us and God


They say, after our Fall

even God expelled Himself

closed himself within Himself

to be born and to be given birth


And we only kindled the fire

but did not vanish –

we returned to nonexistence

and glow inside


translated by Zoran Ančevski (The End of the Century, Macedonian Poets in the last Decade of the 20th Century, Selection by Danilo Kocevski, Struga Poetry Evenings 1999.)

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