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Poetry – Bogomil Gjuzel

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The ancestor’s head spoke from the closet—

Open the door of this calendar

Float on the year’s draught


I opened the door

And passing through many numerals



An axe chopping

The rotten trunk of the sky

The stars scattering, a family of mice


Men-fish and men-birds

Rushing back to the ovum, being reborn

Multiple-eyed and multiple-legged


A woman knitting and out of the loops

Worlds appeared like soap bubbles

They burst and


Drops of mucus fell endlessly

One huge mirror turned night into day

I was a million reflections


Space was Gulliver’s mocassin

And time stretched, an accordion

Then the skin broke


I found myself alone in the dark

Inside a mute drum—

The dried head of an ancestor.


translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra. From Longing for the South, An Anthology of Contemporary Macedonian Poetry, edited by Sitakant Mahapatra and Jozo T. Boshkovski. Prachi Prakashan; New Delhi, India, 1981

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