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Poetry – Bogomil Gjuzel

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The Apocalyptic Spring





The war came with snow instead of blood

It met the sun adorned

With all the nuptial plummage

Stars cursed

As we trampled them.

The field spreads out obediently before us

Is this a wedding or a war?

A spring war

When none are fighting

A betrayal.

Am I the only warrior to die?

The field goes over me.





The shrubs attack from all points

Who knows where anyone is

Among the pieces.

A hundred throats laugh like animals

The earth shaped by three hundred skulls

Is driven wild as a barren woman

So seeded with warmth

She might conceive the sun,

We fight for his throne

What if she conceives a hostile dog?

Along with my devils I shall abandon them

The apocalyptic bull

Will break into our homes

And carry us on his blood-stained horns.





We had a double dream

One is us

The other our relics

Thrown up by the earth

The objects we could feel

Are expelled like whores

Our shadows go round us

Like open traps.





The deserts whistle

The drums are trampled down

Wedding-guests or warriors have marched across

The bagpipes hardly breathe

One by one the whistlings die

The fairest one left

Is silence.



translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra. From Longing for the South, An Anthology of Contemporary Macedonian Poetry, edited by Sitakant Mahapatra and Jozo T. Boshkovski. Prachi Prakashan; New Delhi, India, 1981

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