Awaking in Third Person Singular

/, Blesok no. 96/Awaking in Third Person Singular

Awaking in Third Person Singular

Sticky Words
Seeking knowledge
Odd and Distant
Take Me
Too late
Why and How

It’s too late now darling
We’ve slid away from each other
Like a baby slides away from the womb,
We’ve moved to the opposite sides of the door,
Building an entire continent between us,
Avoiding roads to be made and paths to be invented.

It’s too late, you know,
Even the birds have fallen asleep,
And the wind has hidden itself inside a tree
The water has stopped by the shores to rest
Would we dare to disturb nature’s peace and quiet
And cause an earthquake to destroy this rock of buried memories?

No, dear, it’s too late,
We’re a patient in a coma
Hoping for a flat line

AuthorD.A. Lori
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