Awaking in Third Person Singular

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Awaking in Third Person Singular

Sticky Words
Seeking knowledge
Odd and Distant
Take Me
Too late
Why and How

Desire comes first, it takes us.
Up…Infinity and hope.
Down…An abyss of unfulfilled wishes.
We want a hand to take us
And a giant eye to see us,
A smile to cheer us up,
A tour around the center.

Desire calls for love.
Two people holding each other’s hands.
Looking at each other, their eyes glitter,
Drowning in each other’s smiles,
They become the center of life.

Yet, how terrifying to watch
My body with your face,
Your face with my smile,
My words among yours,
Your love swallowing mine,
My colours drawing your paintings,
Your moves becoming my moves.

Giving and sharing means sacrifice,
Losing yourself means sin.
What are we closer to
when we piece together?
Torn between loneliness and hope,
Living between love and hate,
Standing between hesitation and decision,
We compensate for our imperfection.

AuthorD.A. Lori
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