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DA Lori (Dolores Atanasova-Lori) was born on October 26, 1974. in Germany. She spent his early childhood in Germany and then moved with his family to Ohrid, where she spent the rest of her childhood and high school days. In 1993, she moved to Skopje to study the English language and literature. Since then she lives in Skopje, where she works as an English teacher.

D.A.Lori’s poems were first published in Bookbox, which was followed by a collaboration with the Blesok publishing house, for which, in 2014, she published her first collection of poetry entitled Awakening in the third person singular. In 2016, With the wind under armpit was published by the Antolog publishing house. After a break of three years, in 2019, her third book, Heaven in a cage, is published. She won the ֦Todor Chalovski֞ award for 2019, which award enabled the publication of her fourth book The wave will come. Meanwhile, her poems have been published in the poetry collection 100,000 Poets for Change and the e-book Poetiskon, as well as on Slovokult, an online art and literature magazine, and Fixpoetry, a German online literature platform. D.A.Lori’s poetry has also been published in the monograph of Astalni Proekcii, as well as in the oldest Macedonian magazine for literature, culture, and art, Sovremenost.

Dolores Atanasova-Lori is the winner of the Antevo Slovo international award, which was first awarded in 2017 as part of the Italian poetry event Angelo la Vecchia. In 2020, the poetry book Heaven in a Cage, was in the first five nominees for the Brakja Miladinovci Award, which is awarded for the best book from one to the next Struga Evenings of Poetry. So far it has been translated into German, English, Serbian, Croatian, Italian, and Spanish.

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