Awaking in Third Person Singular

/, Blesok no. 96/Awaking in Third Person Singular

Awaking in Third Person Singular

Sticky Words
Seeking knowledge
Odd and Distant
Take Me
Too late
Why and How

What are all these faces,
I’ve read them before?
Where are all these places?
Don’t show them any more
How blind can we be,
how little can we see?

I raise my eyes to “Forever”
My hand stops at “Wherever”

Your silent breath trapped
Your words selfishly kept
In the eternal “Why” and “Why not”
What’s pain to you
Can’t you feel something new?
Just words beyond words
And a feeling here and there
And all those words again
Catching thoughts in vain

All the lines I’m losing now
Just to ask why and how

AuthorD.A. Lori
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