Awaking in Third Person Singular

/, Blesok no. 96/Awaking in Third Person Singular

Awaking in Third Person Singular

Sticky Words
Seeking knowledge
Odd and Distant
Take Me
Too late
Why and How

Translated by the author

We rarely say what hasn’t been said before
It breaks my heart and tongue.
Just as I was about to analyze
the anatomy of words,
My mind stopped under the pressure
of other people’s lines

There was nothing but the sky before
and not a bit has changed since

I’m looking at it…

A big lazy centipede of a cloud
Is about to swallow my favourite star
This pale blue sky in endless rebirth
Brings more than I can bear
The heat makes my senses loose
The air is filled with sticky thoughts,
Sticky fingers around a sticky pen,
Sticky, sticky words

AuthorD.A. Lori
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