Awaking in Third Person Singular

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Awaking in Third Person Singular

Sticky Words
Seeking knowledge
Odd and Distant
Take Me
Too late
Why and How

When we are young,
When we are little girls,
We climb the trees, we play hide and seek,
We don’t have balls, but we have dolls
It’s not a problem if we’re girls or boys
As long as we share our toys.

When we grow up
We get the balls, we lose the dolls,
Release the braids and ponytails
and wait for a good wind.
And then we get a bit older.
We become a mother or a woman,
or if we are lucky, both.

When we grow old,
we look more like a father.
Our breasts flatten and rest,
we grow quite unwanted moustaches,
very thin hair and a shiny scalp.
We, men and women,
do become equal, eventually.

AuthorD.A. Lori
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