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This Is My Inner Struggle that Is Also Reflected Outside Myself!

“The Heavy Voice of the New Anthems” is a direct resonance (echo) of the current events around me, a scream, a reaction, to the violence of the reality that does not ask when it enters my life uninvited. Therefore, I decided for a free response, without reservations. Yes, it is subjective, my personal view, because I can fully stand only behind such a view. The reactions of the “reality” do not concern me.

From his youthful idea about rock-and-roll in AFFEKTIVEN NABOJ (Affective Charging), the band with which he made his initial steps in his native Struga, via the punk revolution in SARACENI (The Saracens), his first “Skopje band”, now the influential PAD NA VIZANTIJA (Fall of Byzantium), and the work in the several revelations of the cult MIZAR, the artistic friendship in APOREA, ANASTASIA as a separate and one of the key stories of our modern musical history, where his collocutors were creators such as Zoran Spasevski and Zlatko Origjanski… the projects such as CIRCO EUROPIA, BIOSCOPIA, the collaboration with KISMET, Aleksandar Veljanov, MUGER FUGER, TEMPERA… the occurrence of GOTRA as an expression of his need for exploring the electronic music, theatre and film work… Goran Trajkoski has walked the path from being a rebel to becoming one of the most relevant contemporary Macedonian musicians. One of those that have proved that Western, and only sound idiom can touch the Byzantine spiritual and cultural tradition, the Old Slavonic singing and the authentic Macedonian musical language.

During this time as an author and performer he was present in numerous crucial (undoubtedly historical) releases, issues such as MIZAR – “Mizar” (1988), MIZAR – “Kobna ubavina” (“Terrible Beauty”) (2004), ANASTASIA – “Na rekite Vavilonski” (“By the Rivers o Babylon”), ANASTASIA – “Before the Rain” (1995)…, which never left the audience indifferent. All of those here at home, in the region, and further who definitely wanted to peek behind the curtain of the esoterica and discover a different network of rhythm and thought. Discover a self-conscious author who surrenders to his feelings without reserves and turn them into art. Sufficiently nationally self-aware and without any wish to calm down his temperament.

This is the case with his current offers “Na svetov ubavina” (“Beauty in This World”) and “Teskiot glas na noviet himni” (“The Heavy Voice of the New Anthems”) which were released in 2017 and which can surprisingly be called “debutant” – where he stands for the first time with his name and surname.

Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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