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We are leaving the year in which you signed two conceptually different albums – the lyrical “Na svetot ubavina” and the thunderous “Teskiot glas na noviote himni”. What is the need inside you as an author in such a way to bring to the surface everything that you have carried within you?

TRAJKOSKI: The first idea was to make a double album with 10 identical songs in different arrangements… as four can be seen in these two releases. However, I simply had no strength to do this and promoting it would have been difficult. Double work with two different orchestra, bands… Things happened in such a way that my company, the Macedonian National Theatre offered me to publish an album with theatre music. I did this first and then I released this rock album called “Teskiot glas na novite himni”. This is a material that has piled up in the past ten years. Everything that I worked in this period after the breakup of ANASTASIA was under different names. I was in yet another of MIZAR’s revelations, a bit later the “Circus Europia” happened, I travelled to Germany and Europe playing with Aleksandar Veljanov and his band DEINE LAKAINEN, whose roots come from some three decades ago, there is the joint project with Elena Hristova called BIOSKOPIA… and all of this was under some other name or somebody else was the carrier. Therefore, it turned out that I practically have two releases of my own this year. So, in one year I released two “debut” albums in first person singular.

They were both made spontaneously, as a result of the material gathered in almost a decade. I work on theatre plays all the time and I make music for several projects per year. This is enormous material, which is made with a special purpose and I should be used in a theatre play, which is a collective work of a number of people, and the music is only one of the parts of the project and therefore it is not most suitable to be released in the original, theatre form, but some part of those ideas, of those pieces are finalized in time and then I release them.

Finally, I can say that it was a long, but it was worth it.

he broader public does not know that in the same year the vinyls of PADOT NA VIZANTIJA and those of APOREA were also released, containing more than visibly your signature? Is this a coincidence or…

TRAJKOSKI: The coincidence with the release of those two albums with recordings of PADOT NA VIZANTIJA and APOREA is accidental, because it was not my initiatives to have these two releases, but it was rather done by some other people from different countries and places. They were also the ones that did all the work. This went on beyond me. It is a coincidence that it happened in the same year, at the same time. It was not my plan, nor idea, nor concept. Things just happened like that.

Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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