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My friendships with Goran dates since the 1980es. We met and we belonged to the generation that created in this period. He was first in SARACENI, then in PADOT NA VIZANTIJA, and I was in CILINDER… Our paths crossed more intensely in 1995 when we first cooperated at the recording of ANASTASIA’s “Nocturnal”. I was recording it and I was the sound engineer. We were neighbors. Their practicing room and my studio were almost next to each other. Them we started to hang out more intensively. We never stopped cooperating since then on all future projects. Everything that he worked on was done together with me at “Tra-la-la”.
These are numerous projects. Be it his original film or theatre music or his releases, solo albums… doesn’t matter. That is why I always find it exciting and a special challenge what I work with Goran as an author. He always offers something new, more different than all others… Our cooperation is fruitful. The atmosphere is relaxed. For me personally, it is inspirational to work with him.

This year we completed two albums by him, two of his personal works, “Na svetot ubavina” and “Teskiot glas na novite himni”. I recorded both of them, for the latter one, invited by him and at my great pleasure, I also played. I sat behind the drums of the band that was there to promote the recording at a concert.

As a sound this is a bit different than everything that Trajkoski worked on in the last several years. It has its roots in his beginnings. It has a more rock sound, a band sound – with guitars and drums… that is the composition. We gathered from three generations, with similar or different music tastes, but united by one idea. Everything is conducted by him. He is so prepared… Everything is “drawn” in his head. Who should play and hos. But he does not forget that any of us as a musician has his own sound within him and that is why he is always open for cooperation. For exchange of ideas.

Goran went down to his roots, to his beginnings as a musician and from there he brought the sound of guitars and drums. Of a band. That is why I am glad that joined in this team to offer something that has within itself his continuity in creation. As an author and interpreter. As a voice. So that we remind of this former underground, alternative, our performing style. So that we are ourselves.

Photo Gallery: Sasho Dimoski

Damned Time

Оh time, thou icon, thou face of life,
оh time, thou spirit, thou deadly expression,
oh thou bitter time, thou treacherous time,
thou joyous time – why art thou sad?
The clock hands cut me like swords,
every tick echoes
history drags us to the final hour
beyond any logic, barely noticeable
This moment draws closer, candles are lit,
Look, twilight in the middle of the day speaks of
the hour draws near and it has already come
for the dead ones to hear the voice of the Son
of Men.
Oh thou dissolute time, die now!
Die inside me, so I die with you too,
alone under the skies.
Oh time, my doubt is inside you,
stupidity compiled, bottomless
Oh thou foulness of the world!
Thou hellish lie!
Programmed death in every breath that I take.
Hear me Heavens, I shall call Thee
for justice.
Oh damned time, die inside me.

Goran Trajkoski – Concert

Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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