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Elizabeta Bakovska (1969). She graduated and received her master’s degree at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in Skopje, at the Department of English Language and Literature. She received her doctorate on a topic in the field of gender studies at the Euro-Balkan Institute. She translates and writes poetry, prose, and literary theory and criticism.

She translated Nadine Gordimer, William Faulkner, Bora Kosic, and David Albahari into Macedonian. Her poetry, prose, and critical texts have been translated and published in English, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Serbian, and Montenegrin.


Published books:

Hagiography of our love, poetry (Macedonia Prima, 2003)

Four Seasons: Stories of Essential Things, short stories (Blesok, 2004)

States of mind and body after thirty, poetry (Blesok, 2005)

On the road to Damascus, novel (Slovo, 2006)

Barbarians Still Write Poetry, poetry (self-published, 2015)

Own room, own ghetto: Women’s writing in contemporary Macedonian prose, literary theory/criticism (independent edition, 2016)

Thirteen reviews of literary and similar works, literary criticism (Blesok, 2018)

The Last Sips: Short Stories About Essentials, the second time, short stories (Self-published, 2018)

The founders of contemporary Macedonian art: A children’s encyclopedia (Efektiva, 2019)

In my head, I hear a song, short stories (Ili-ili, 2020)

The Mother and Other Stories, short stories for children (self-published, 2020)

In my head, I write a short story, short stories/photobook (co-authorship with Sašo Dimoski, self-published, 2021)

The kiss of spring, a fairy tale for children (Ars lamina – publications, Libby, 2022)

All Pains Became Mine, poetry (self-published, 2022)

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