Would You Care for a Lifting

/, Blesok no. 47/Would You Care for a Lifting

Would You Care for a Lifting

Woman Codriver
Would You Care for a Lifting
Ten Years Ago
People that Keep on Whining
Well, I Write on Everything
You Can’t See the Fog from the Sun
Doesn’t Matter – I Greet Everybody
Three Pregnant Women at a Party
We Learn to Eat

Translated by: Elizabeta Bakovska

The woman codriver
owns half of the windshield
and the mirror on the lowered sun blind

The woman codriver
would not stop speaking – but then she also does
at home – as the codriver in my life

The woman codriver
often doesn’t even know to drive – but
it doesn’t deprive her of the right to be my instructor

The woman codriver
(actually) should respect the man driver just
like the flight attendant respects the main pilot

The woman codriver
can wear a mini skirt
that shows her nice bare knees next to the emergency brake

The woman codriver
can also be handy – if you have a flat tire
or your car dies and there’s nobody to push

The woman codriver
can have a perfect profile
with garbage dumps on the fields framed in the window

The woman codriver
is most beautiful when she sleeps – then you start to enjoy
the driving and you do all that takes

not to wake her up


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