The Poem And The Butterfly

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The Poem And The Butterfly

The Poem and the Butterfly (Metamorphosis)
The Night of my Death is Approaching
Marble (Pillar)
The Deposition from the Cross (a Fresco)
The Entry Into Jerusalem (a Fresco)
We Walk Holding Hands

Translated by Dragi Mihajlovski and Irena Perčinkova

But a crumb of light
And make a butterfly.

It will stay on your eye-lashes
For a long time
And then enter your blood.

Afterwards find
A thread of rainbow
And spin it around
Until it is husked.

Thus for a long time
It will trouble you.
In the end
You will want to name it
But from your blood
A butterfly
Will crawl out
Fly away

AuthorMihail Rendžov
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