It Should Have Been Concluded

/, Blesok no. 21/It Should Have Been Concluded

It Should Have Been Concluded

A Few Words about…
It should have been concluded
Lapse of Communication
Never again, Lenore!
A Letter from Laodicea
Lassitudo (exhaustive interpretations)

And unto the angel of the church
of the Laodiceans write…

Revelation (3:14)

Your sun is dying
in a cunning agnosticism.
In the pure Logos,
in all-lingual odes
squirm all –ists and –isms.

When a blind man leads another…

Eye diseases are not a seldom truth.
Reaching for the gold coin
the half-naked lady
falls into a trap,
then walks upon the icy floor…
Ah, Laodicea, Laodicea!

… they both fall into a hole.

It is shameful, o “pure” bride,
always to caress the same.
Its mouth will vomit over you.

AuthorMaja Apostoloska
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