It Should Have Been Concluded

/, Blesok no. 21/It Should Have Been Concluded

It Should Have Been Concluded

A Few Words about…
It should have been concluded
Lapse of Communication
Never again, Lenore!
A Letter from Laodicea
Lassitudo (exhaustive interpretations)

That it is possible for a negation
to sprout on a street lamp – it is possible!

And (that) if the idea grabs you either
by the hand or by the nose – it is up to you

whether you kneel in the classes of Didactics
to beg for more old fashioned and formulated skills

or find yourself in a great opportunity
to chase gnostically, with a festering curse

your cortex, down the neck, the throat…
It is important to be bored and sad…

As for eloquence: you either have it or not.
It does not matter when it is boring and sad…

And that everything can be refuted
and not concluded but excluded – yes, it can!

(People, like it or not!)
As a conclusion you should have only locked the door.

AuthorMaja Apostoloska
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