It Should Have Been Concluded

/, Blesok no. 21/It Should Have Been Concluded

It Should Have Been Concluded

A Few Words about…
It should have been concluded
Lapse of Communication
Never again, Lenore!
A Letter from Laodicea
Lassitudo (exhaustive interpretations)

Translated by: Zoran Ančevski

… whether mediocre poetry should be written

It is possible, and it always will be
to create a new expression

Quintus Horatius Flaccus

A dishonest case of disharmony
without an appropriate Witness.
Ecstasies of speech
in a tiny language oasis.
Waterless essence…
Or, in strict confidence,
silence is wisdom,
as my grandma would say.

The Witness was disheartened
there was no euphony and he
keenly ploughed
sentences in the desert…
Mediocre quality hurries
in the direction of vice.1
So! Tar covering the new(s),
the neo(logisms).

And if anything else happened –
it happened.


1. Paraphrase from Boalo’s “Poetics”

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