It Should Have Been Concluded

/, Blesok no. 21/It Should Have Been Concluded

It Should Have Been Concluded

A Few Words about…
It should have been concluded
Lapse of Communication
Never again, Lenore!
A Letter from Laodicea
Lassitudo (exhaustive interpretations)


(…) It came out that there was a crater
almost bottomless,
almost no way out,
almost always we feed it a morsel.

The expression weakens…
Our two-faced will
crumbles it in the mouth (literally).
Crags above the ravines of words.
Ashen butt-ends.
Self-ignited fear of consequences.
It is there.
It is here as heritage.
It is everywhere.


Then it came out that
the engraved space is experienced ascetically,
the letters in-graved,
and not just that…

AuthorMaja Apostoloska
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