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Poetry – Slave Gjorgjo Dimoski

Up to the bare bone
Angel with face turned aside
Skin my skin
Supper (the last?)
Miss depression

Miss depression

little lady depression

lies in the adjacent room.

the vertebrae of the spine bent

they crush her passion.

over her naked body, she moves

her glance in surprise, in wonder.

the little devil licks her sweat

encompassed by the fire of lust.

confusion brings it back to her

peace in the darken room:

her blood rises in delight

the lustful thought sends her

through the ocean in unease conceived

in the rush of lust.

miss depression

in the dream she breeds a lynx.

caresses it and feeds it

from her juicy clitoris.

a small island in rapture

from excitements enmeshed

tempts her soul

and takes it down to the heels.

then, the lynx wakes up

– throws her a bunch of chills

thighs moan, splash

– delicious heat in the throat:

whisper breathe breathe scream

breathe scream whisper grip

AuthorSlave Gjorgjo Dimoski
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