Poetry – Slave Gjorgjo Dimoski

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Poetry – Slave Gjorgjo Dimoski

Up to the bare bone
Angel with face turned aside
Skin my skin
Supper (the last?)
Miss depression

Up to the bare bone

the one that gnaws at you from the inside

up to the bare bones is the beast

from your grandma’s stories

the beast who comes

from the beast’s time

so it ingratiates

to suck your blood

to bite your flesh

and its teeth to crackle

on to the bared bone

the one who gnaws me from the inside

up to the bare bone is the beast

freed from the cage

stirring up the time on me

so, I appease

to live – to survive

as my dog outside

gnawing the summer heat

to the bare bone

AuthorSlave Gjorgjo Dimoski
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