in french


my roommate knows

i find it hard to fall asleep

because of bad thoughts,

so he suggests

i play music at night


when he compliments my selection,

i make playlists for him


he tries to teach me french,

but we get no further than

s’il vous plaît


in art therapy

he always uses charcoal

to draw black cubist pictures

and laughs at me

when i draw aliens

who take me away from earth


we both don’t talk much,

instead, we pass a piece of paper back and forth

over coffee

and write down scenes from a play,

line after line


he always guides the story

towards a woman smoking weed

on a bed


and i always guide it back to him,

the protagonist

AuthorPino Pograjc
2023-10-01T11:57:19+00:00 September 9th, 2023|Categories: Poetry, Literature, Blesok no. 151|Comments Off on Poems