people drink orange juice

on the balcony of the open ward

because it supposedly helps

the pills for addiction

hit harder


an old man offers his benzos

to a guy in a neck brace


a bipolar guy yells at them

and snitches to the nurses


          the ratio of male

          to female nurses

          is significantly reduced with each transfer

          from a closed

          to a semi-closed

          to an open ward


a buddhist sits down at the table,

who thought she had experienced enlightenment,

when actually she was just throwing plates

at her family


the alcoholic next to her is trying to overcome the dts

because there are no bottles here

to stifle them


a woman walks in

wearing a pink tracksuit

with makeup on her pouty lips


          a few minutes ago, she was pressing them

          against a young addict

          who is now sitting next to her,

          holding her hand


because of her sunglasses

we don’t know

who her prophecy is aimed at


in a week

one of you

will fall in love with me

AuthorPino Pograjc
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