Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

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Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

Venko Andonovski
Gligor Stojkovski
Mirče Tomovski
Ivan Ivanovski
Vladimir V.Golubović
Judy Mercier
Dalibor Foretić
Data about “Two in Eden”

Indication for the End of the Century

… Same as Olbi in the Zoo Story, the master-piece of the Absurd theater, Two in Eden are located in the city park, a place that regarding the Garden of Eden seem so be “fallen” such as the contemporary man regarding Adam before his expulsion from paradise, or regarding the cheep woman in comparison with the wife/the fiancee. The city park is, certainly, a strange place – and tragicomic human try to simulate the divine act of creating and controlling the Nature, an ironical asylum for all that do not know weather to escape from loneliness, or toward it. It is a sarcastic, melodramatic answer to the Garden of Eden and the Noah’s Ark, and finally, of the graveyard itself where, according to the final words of the play “everything once ends”. (…)
The Biblical and astrologic, fatalistic connotations of the Two in Paradise make the book contemporary as well ultra(post)modern.

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