Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

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Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

Venko Andonovski
Gligor Stojkovski
Mirče Tomovski
Ivan Ivanovski
Vladimir V.Golubović
Judy Mercier
Dalibor Foretić
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The Unknown Archipelago

The text is universal in any concern and we can easily recognize it’s meaning in each milieu, especially in the American. It’s original title is a untranslatable play with words. It might designate “Two in Eden” and in the same time “Two in One”, which is a very amazing paraphrase of Adam and Eve myth. The second rare characteristic of the play is that it is written “for two actor and two dolls”. The puppets’ animation is related to the live actors’ play. In what way?…
Instead of the Apple-tree of comprehension, Nela as a puppeteer gives Toto in first place his, and later her own puppet. The two living puppets decide, by giving live to the un-living ones, to run away into that prehistoric image of life, from the terrible silence and solitude, into the reality of the story, into the tale very similar to Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose… What the puppet-people are not in a position to carry through, the puppets themselves are able to achieve. They can release the tragic catharsis: only the love expressed by the ancient self-victimization, can return the life to this world in all it’s effloresce.

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