Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

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Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

Venko Andonovski
Gligor Stojkovski
Mirče Tomovski
Ivan Ivanovski
Vladimir V.Golubović
Judy Mercier
Dalibor Foretić
Data about “Two in Eden”

Within Life’s Depths

“… Many details make the duo drama Two in Eden an interesting and entertaining experience to the viewer. First, this drama is written in a skillful manner and has an excellent word expression. Second, the characters of the drama are very well described and well presented. Third, the author suggests a colorful structure of dialogues. Fourth, Tomislav Osmanli manages to get rid of the typical scheme and the triviality of the ‘happy-ending story’ in the process of creation of his characters and the establishment of the relationship between them.
All of the above confirm his knowledge of the fine drama techniques. Of course, one of the best qualities of this text is the author’s capability of operating through discrete poetic metaphors, associations and lyrical confessions. This is the reason for the beautiful poetic atmosphere and background created in this text… Shortly, this is a well composed and well written text, created with an excellent touch for theatrical actions…”

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