Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

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Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

Venko Andonovski
Gligor Stojkovski
Mirče Tomovski
Ivan Ivanovski
Vladimir V.Golubović
Judy Mercier
Dalibor Foretić
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A Universal Look

“… The real world and the world of the Puppets coexist together like two dimensions of the same life. Hence the metaphorical heading of the text is given – Two in Eden meaning also Two in One in Macedonian language, symbolizing two worlds in one. Everything is settled somewhere in between the heat of everyday life and unreality. Everything has its own rhythm, an internal dynamics which simply entertains the viewer and keeps him interested.
The viewer’s attention is first captured through the comical dialogues of the Two and then trapped in the spider’s web through the tragic spiritual conditions of the characters. From a bench in a park the author paints the disturbing ambient of today’s age of conflicts and wars which frustrate mankind in a physical, spiritual and intellectual way… All this is shaped through an exceptional theatrical text and a directing free of political theatralizations…”

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