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To 30th Anniversary of Velestovo Poetry Night

Poetry is the only thing that preserves the original milk of the language and speaks the truth. It speaks the truth of the language, because the poetic language does not allow external interventions but its echo rather comes directly from the core of the primary source of speech. It is “Velestovo Poetry Night” that has been taking place in that spirit for thirty years already: to return the poetic language to where it has flown from, from the pure untouched nature and the learning to speak in the foggy beginnings of civilizations. It means that this event has taken out poetry from the academic spaces and lifted it high into the high space to which it belongs. So that is finds its peace and calm there to speak and bear witness of its time. It also sends the message that in the uncertain challenges of the new times poetry should not be feared from because it is nothing unclear, external, but it is rather an essential part of the boiling of our blood which dictates our life impulse.

If we look back from this thirtieth year, to the beginnings of the event, when enthusiasm knew no borders, we will see the clearly set path and the bright uphills though which it rose and embraced beauty, luxury and spirit with hundreds and hundreds of hands, promoting the noble function: to make people better. Poets are privileged to participate in the language not anybody masters; they speak of something that is in constant transformation which tectonically bursts out deep in their intimacy and poetry makes it deeper and more secretive than the current politics which devastates us on daily basis. “Velestovo Poetry Night” opposes this everyday banality, because the reader or listener, by experiencing poetry, living it inside themselves, discover a world where one can very clearly answer who he is and with whom he communicates in this modern deafening grayness.

“Velestovo Poetry Night” is a phenomenon, both in its concept and the way in which is it presented. In the beginning, the event started at midnight by presenting a poet and a painter, tying a firm knot between the word and the color, completed by the external midnight ambience with the starry skies and a warm summer breeze. That is how it grew presenting before the pubic the most valuable things created here, in Macedonia. Now, from this three decade long distance one can clearly see that the event is a strict anthology of Macedonian poetry and painting, and not only theirs, but also the most significant selection of persons who have presented them, who spoke about the authors, and they are joined by significant actors and musicians who open a multicultural space to the event.

Since 2010, “Velestovo Poetry Night” has erased the national borders, flowing into the ocean of diverse languages, poetries and poetics. It is a great privilege to listen, from this high place, to the soft sounding languages carrying many messages from various sides, all with same intentions and same goals; to be fully free because only freedom contains the supreme creativity of the language that the poetry speaks. In the course of the past years, the archaic language of the villagers has intertwined with the words from Ireland, Russia, Syria, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Albania, Norway… This list will continue to be enriched in the future.

In the end, let us return again to the primary source of the language which abundantly boils, foams on these heights and sends the mighty signals that show us the moment that we live and that we are in the illusion of eternity. Therefore, we should be proud because “Velestovo Poetry Night” has established a big communication community of poets, poetry lovers, poetry interpreters, and in this community the faith and hope that speaking about the essence of human existence is till essentially needed is being constantly fortified.
Poets hug each other via languages!

AuthorSlave Gjorgjo Dimoski
Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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