The Starboard of My Wife

/, Blesok no. 49/The Starboard of My Wife

The Starboard of My Wife

On the way
The Starboard of My Wife
Meeting in the shadow

My wife and her mother, that is to say
my mother in law are watching our children playing,
standing side by side.
They exchange some words,
burst into laughter,
and then fall silent, just standing there
like reeds in the wind.

Ghosts of smile still on their faces,
I see the ancient masks
a wilderness with a seed of anger hidden beneath
a lake filled with unfathomable resignation.

The two women share without speaking
the secrets about the blood the snake the fruits,
like a punishment
sentenced only to those who brought life on earth.

The little one tried to mount a lamb and almost fell,
the two women at once reach out.
That moment from two thousand years ago
repeats itself like a hologram
in the cave of this morning.

AuthorYasuhiro Yotsumoto
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