Start without me

/, Blesok no. 29/Start without me

Start without me

After New Year
Alone Again
It would be Awful not to Read the Papers
Start without me

You go out the balcony
you take a puff on your smoking stool
the protective vine over the fence is neglected
and because the neighbours are short sighted
it shields you from yourself
you coax the shower with solar boiler
to last as far as June
the eaves are dirty the clothesline clean and white
garbed in your nappies
which cry out with the merciless pinching
of the pegs
to your right spring applies make-up
to that peartree old as you are
then you unfold the hose, you water
the roof so that i may grow another storey
you feel like drinking, but who with?
the neighbours´ cats have figured you out a long time ago
to your left is the window of that room
where you once used to write it has opened
its nostrils to get a bit of air
while you are away
son it will be dark and your TV´s
broken down
you light another cigarette on the same stool
you make yourself comfortable waiting
for the film of the stars to start
whose run has never ended
because of the great interest of the public

Translated by Zoran Ančevski

AuthorJovica Ivanovski
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