Start without me

/, Blesok no. 29/Start without me

Start without me

After New Year
Alone Again
It would be Awful not to Read the Papers
Start without me

They always start with the
and thorough lamb slaughtering.

they feed the cement with water
they feed the anaemic concrete
with iron.

they pray to Lord not to rain
during their lunch break.

they put glasses to short-sighted

they comfort the cold rooms with chimneys
and in the end they roast tiles for refreshment

they make winter supplies they distil brandy
they call the names of streets
for a drink

and they get smashed to forget
their debts

and then with their craft fresh they go
to work abroad
and they start in the cellar again

they return the debts but they don’t

and when some of their family at home
asks them for their empty house – for a while

they are serious when they say that they wait
for the lacquered floor to dry

and that they expect to come back any moment

AuthorJovica Ivanovski
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