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Born 1961 in Skopje. Author of poetry books: Why Such Liver For Me (1995), The City is Full of You (1997), A Strange Kind of a Sunny Day (1999), Three Forward Three Backwards (2004), Double Album – In the Shadow of the Billboard and Ice-cream Infinitely (2005), Siesta Thirst (2007), Whistling in the Wind (2009), With Straw in a Mouth (2011) Cinemamorning (2015), The Sea is Up to My Knees (2016), The City That’s No Longer Mine (2016), Freehand (2017), Let me Finish My Game (2018), Human (2019), Open the Window and Let the City Breathe a Little, selected poems in English (2002), One of These Days If Not Tomorrow (2009), selected poems in English and Macedonian, Bulked Up Moon (2019), selection in Macedonian, Kinojutro, selected poems in Serbian (2019).
He is among the six authors included in the bilingual edition Six Macedonian Poets (2011), published in England.
His poetry has been translated in around fifteen languages and is featured in several anthologies of Macedonian Poetry.
He has participated in twenty poetry festivals, book fairs, residencies…
He’s the author of lyrics, columns, the script for the “Speak Macedonian” TV show.
He was the recipient of the 2019 Miladinov Brothers’ Award of the Struga Poetry Festival for his book Human.
He still lives and works in Skopje.

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