Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg

/, Blesok no. 92/Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg

Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg

I Want to Lie Beside You
In one year
Beautiful dream
This poem saved me
Eight Hundred and Sixty
Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg
Attempt to Leave
Still Alive

My mother was the harbor,
my father a boat.

My mother was the boat,
my father a sail.

My mother was the sail,
my father a wind.

My mother was the wind,
my father a horizon.

The harbor, the boat, the sail, the wind, the journey and the horizon
where my mother
and my father and I
were travellers;
the one from the outside world
to her inside,
the other from inside her
out into the world.

AuthorRodaan Al Galidi
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