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Poetry – Glorjana Veber

In God’s Proximity


Where are you going human?

Look at me,
there is no more space,
no last road,
no soil,
not even a dimension, extent, nothing,
now I am the one, who’s taking you,
taking back,
when you are here, I am looking at you,
looking inwards,
I am pushing you there,
when there is no more space for the outside,
for the look, for the eyes,
there is nowhere to go,
you are attached to your life,
tell me,
have you ever taken it,
this moment,
have you pushed inside your hands, body,
at least a glance,
have you been on a swing,
called a bird,
let the feathers open your palm,
drank the sun, dig through, the sand,
have you been the rain through the soil,
anywhere, anytime, with anyone,

Turn around and look if you dare,
when there is nowhere to go,
except inwards,
I am taking you to the core, to delicacy,
from all the memories,
even from where you are not,
I am taking you from everywhere,
I am carrying you from everywhere,
from the languages, states, jobs, families
and homes, from the prisons, factories, maternity hospitals
and roads, castles, ghettos, the sky,
from all the religions, races, errors and diseases,
from every scream, violence, cold,
form every space I am shelling you,
from all the crumbs and crevices,
from every poem I am calling you,
with everything I can I am pulling you
back from the billions of stars,
from the deepest root, impression, fossil,
dust and light,
through the emptiness
I take your hand,
for the last remainder of the hand,
for the last piece of the touch,
for the last trace of the smell.

Because I know, you are here,
laid out in pieces,
dispersed into history,
I don’t care what they did to you,
we will pick up all your drops
and release them like eagles into the sky
and wait for them to catch rain for us,
it will slack off into the sea,
I swim there in your memory,
I don’t care about the storms,
I am being carried towards us,
to exhale the coast into you,
there we unclasp the trees,
release the waterfall
and the leaves in autumn,
did you see the children are running towards us,
because nothing lives more than beauty,
nothing matures more than beauty,
in it we age like power and fruits,
because this is no longer my poem,
I only carry it through my mouth,
I only fall into its throat,
as its saliva leaks into my blood,
it infects me with the world,
that I now talk only to the universe,
that I don’t know how not to love,
because my birth forgot to take away my memories,
to centuries, to everything I am, where I am,
all ages in a single silence,
this sight, this sound, these colours, this rhythm and wave,
I don’t know how not to feel,
I don’t know how not to be.

Even the damp streets and cities are relocated into me
and the people in them and the lives from them
and the countries above them and all inside me,
even if the brutality takes its precariat,
jobs, wages, promises,
freedom, banks, faces,
years, smiles, roads,
this place has entered me,
to make the entire world live inside me,
which I caress
and cry with it
like ice, fire and peak fearless,
and together we carry the weight,
and release white pigeons from it
like gentle breath in the morning above them,
we take each other above the clouds,
not however, not wherever,
not with whomever,
you and I have nothing to lose,
we all have nothing to lose,
no road,
no space,
this time,
alone like at the beginning,
we will settle
in our little voice,
we flow in there,
we rise from there,
to be an opening
for each other,
an opening for the inwardness,
and that is where I whisper to you,
look at me, human,
when you are running from yourself,
there is nowhere to go,
but into the heart.

Translation: Glorjana Veber

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