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Poetry – Glorjana Veber

In God’s Proximity


They bring God to the funeral parlour
precisely at four
the minister hangs himself as well
and there’s dirt everywhere
no one to hear their confessions
and their bodies get covered with bugs
no one to bury them
how to bring god to a funeral parlour
Stephen Hawking
just when you write down
God does not exist

Stephen at four I counted
3000 letters on one book page
in a book with thousand pages
that till today we published one hundred and fifty million books
which makes approximately five hundred billion letters
and that the universe has one hundred fifty billion stars more
than the number of all letters in books we do
Stephen how can anyone capture god into a calculator
and trustingly forgets of Chopin’s ballad in f minor
and converts life percentage into death percentage without dread
mister Hawking when I was little
I used to carry a brown suitcase with arm bands
and a towel to the cemetery
an association of words with the ideal weight

I don’t know I don’t know Sir how it is to die till the end
but when a bug lands on my coat in front of the funeral parlour
it seems to me
that god isn’t so silly that he’d prove himself

Translation: Petra Meterc

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