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Poetry – Glorjana Veber

In God’s Proximity

Translation from Slovenian into English
Petra Meterc and Glorjana Veber


I hear music and feel no other need
I see a girl in the corner playing my grandfather’s piano
with my own fingers
we shall all meet again
and the silence will explain the meaning of the universe

there are revolutionary alleys overlooked by many
fugitives in all directions of our new cities
I want to stand on the expanding land
I want a smile with an explanation

as on the face of a foreign land
my essence is crying at the point where others awake
in famish in misery without a dog’s opportunity
in another place high above us

concerned with our own smallness
a temporary consolation
I need to listen to the screams
sometimes it’s all I need

Translation: Glorjana Veber

AuthorGlorjana Veber
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