Auschwitz Night

/, Blesok no. 74/Auschwitz Night

Auschwitz Night

Auschwitz Night
Days Coming On
Winter Nightfall, Questions

Days coming on: nature gazes
into a pot terrified and makes up a bed for the nightingale
in an owl’s nest; days of grace.

Days coming on: the angel desires pure murder
and a wave would crawl also on its knees up
after the tug of trout; days of disgust.

Days coming on: they must come, pain
devours tears and the cherry tree is sorry for the peacock
which has never tried fruit without worms; days of miracle.

Days coming on: stags bellow in them
that they’ll get younger later and even the dog laughs out
at the cruelty of the whip; and these are the days of mercy.

AuthorIvan Kupec
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