Proud Flesh

Proud Flesh

Scene 1
Scene 2

Translated by: Patricia Marsh Stefanovska

This play is dedicated to my father, Mirko


DIMITRIJA ANDREJEVIC, 55, an invalid, former house builder
ANDREJA, 22, their son, shop assistant in a grocery
STEVO, 26, their second son, who works in the offices of an automobile agency
SIMON, 30, their eldest son, a waiter
VERA, 25, his wife
HERZOG, 55, Jewish, head of the automobile agency
SARAH, 23, his daughter
HERMANN KLAUS, 45, the German visitor
SIVIC, 35, consultant in the automobile agency
ACO, 23, a friend of Andreja’s, a lorry driver
MIMI, a prostitute

Guests at the reception, workmen, customers in the station buffet.

The action takes place in Skopje, just before the Second World War

“PROUD FLESH” Premier: Drama heater Skopje, Macedonia, February 5, 1980, director Slobodan Unkovski First Published: Goran Stefanovski, Sobrani drami, “Misla”, Skopje, 1987. First English edition: Goran Stefanovski, PROUD FLESH, Sterijino Pozorje, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 1981 Foreign language translations: English, Serbo-Croatian Foreign productions: Kamerni Theater 55, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1980, director Gojko Bjelac National Theater of Mostar, Bosnia, 1980, director Ahmet Obradovic National Theater of Pirot, Yugoslavia, 1985, director Branislav Micunovic Tricycle Theater Killburn, London, England, 1993

AuthorGoran Stefanovski
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