Seven Poems

Seven Poems

The night before taking to the woods
Spilled out
Berlin Solitude
The New Testament
Mrs Robinson On an Open Road

Chet Baker Is Finding His Way Towards Me

Mrs Robinson On an Open Road


The road ahead of you

and Mrs Robinson on the radio.

At first it sounds like a pleasant surprise

like an old friend from your youth

buried somewhere in the fog

so deep that you’ve forgotten the ties that bind you.

Already after the first verse

the song turns into a mere reminder of mortality

of those who built the world

as you know it.

They have grown old and are dissapearing.

The overwhelming melancholy overtakes

the initial rapture.

The car windows open into the worlds

whose existence you can only anticipate.

The consequences of our actions

catch up with us continents later.

Bridgeless river disrupts the journey

right at the moment when you can sense its end.

It stops everything but anticipation

and the question why life in the proximity of water

can guarantee everything but consistency.

Here even stone must be as soft

as wood.

Like a boiled chesnut of childhood.

Eventually, the anxiety ceases.

And all that is unpredictable suddenly becomes possible.

Spending a night in an unexpected darkness

feeling fearless

entering that nameless village

and ordering a strong midnight coffee

are not such a bad epilogue to a day like this.

AuthorMehmed Begić
Translated byDamir Šodan
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