Seven Poems

Seven Poems

The night before taking to the woods
Spilled out
Berlin Solitude
The New Testament
Mrs Robinson On an Open Road

Chet Baker Is Finding His Way Towards Me

Berlin Solitude


At the corner of Karl Marx Straße

he bought a used typewriter

in a thrift store

that sells junk no one needs.

He carefully cleaned the used cord

and began to write.

Below each poem he added

the exact time of completion.


Many of the poems tried

to figure out

the way she relates to the things

surrounding him

that she barely notices.

At the same time she never failed to register

the slightest movement of the clouds.

She painted the firmament  ̶  day in day out.

The nocturno of his room

these days is not a mundane one.

A melody seeps in

through an open window.

The unwritten keeps him in the dungeon

of his own choice.

As the Neukölln sax

becomes hypnotic

the music stands for everything

he must resist.


Don’t let them to turn you over

and transform just like that you into something that you’re not.

Not now. You’re becoming a mechanism of self-destruction.

You’ve been waiting for the moment

when you’ll be able to say:

this is one hell of a good coffee!

AuthorMehmed Begić
Translated byDamir Šodan
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