I want to write another good song in my life!

I know exactly what I am doing for Macedonia. For our identity, which is so discussed lately. I know the effect, because I play music which is part of our culture. I play it in a different, contemporary way, but I lean on our tradition. Our culture. If you have your culture, they cannot dispute anything. Because culture is what makes your national identity.


Since we’re already talking about it, in the past years, you have managed skillfully to avoid the trap of entering everyday inter-party accusations, discussing politics as is typically done here. Was it difficult to stay aside, be yourself at any cost?

STEFANOVSKI: We are all talking about politics in restaurants. I am very careful with my statements in public. I cannot divide my attention. If I enter politics, I’ll just hang my guitar on a nail, and I’ll deal with politics. I cannot sit on two chairs. I don’t want to be remembered by my statements on politics. I want to be remembered by my songs. It is very easy to say something, but you should know that everyone gets caught in that trap. Personally, I want to write a few more good songs in life. And that is it. Now, whether I’ll praise someone or criticize someone, that is irrelevant. I am from Tito’s time. I was raised in another time. And in another political context. The whole transition, the disintegration of Yugoslavia, all that is happening to us, this democracy – real or in quotation marks, I experience that as a wonder. I’m just surprised. I’m surprised with the public and with reality. I’m surprised at the rushed and unskillful acts that are happening in this democracy of ours that we are still learning. And in which there are a lot of mistakes.

Let’s go back to the future projects. What are your plans after this series of concerts in the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, in the region… Will you start recording the album for children? Even today “Bushava azbuka” is the most mature and of best quality project, and not only television project. You were part of the team that signed this achievement, which unfortunately as an immaterial treasure was not documented properly, let alone be accessible to today’s generations.

STEFANOVSKI: Apart from what I have been doing, which is publically known, I have a collection of “private” songs. Songs that I had been creating while my children – my daughter Ana and my son Jan – were growing up. We have recording numerous private songs like that. We have songs on the topic of winter, spring… New Year, 8 March… Home manufacture of songs. No one knows them yet… and they are wonderful. When my children were young, with their treble voices, I recorded those songs and they are in our archive. Then, I have some other ones, such as “Cyrillic”, which is a very dear song to me… I will compile what I worked on and the new things that will come. I’m starting to think seriously about that. I already see the cover… with a child’s drawing and… I don’t say it will be tomorrow, but I have a strong desire, and I think intensively of such a project. There is nothing more noble than to address children.

Searching for comfort and cure for my soul, I have probably recorded something that may mean something to other people in the future. Probably… even certainly… I know that… I touched upon a piece of something that is very intimate and sacred. And I recorded it. It will reach some people, not necessarily all. It’s intended for those people who have a radar for my sensibility. Very simple.

Translated byKalina Maleska
PhotographyTatjana Rantaša
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