I want to write another good song in my life!

Therefore, there are nice reviews about the recorded music, three sold concerts in the Philharmonic Orchestra…

STEFANOVSKI: I am happy about the interest that the public has shown so far. Honestly. People probably recognized the honesty that I shared.

We live in a time of distorted values, in a time when we stopped communicating with each other, when a person is appreciated on the basis of his/her materialistic property rather than on the basis of the spirit…

STEFANOVSKI: There are too many distorted values and strange calculations. Unfortunately, the young generations are overexposed to tasteless things, superficiality… products for one use only. I speak of media and all that is offered. There are very few things that may attract you so that you can say: I will put this on the shelf, it might come handy in the future. Few. Very few. Unfortunately, that is why our young people go abroad. They look for sense in their life. They look for talent, youth and beauty. They want back quality life. Simple.

If I enter politics, I’ll just hang my guitar on a nail, and I’ll deal with politics. I cannot seat on two chairs. I don’t want to be remembered by my statements on politics. I want to be remembered by my songs.


We know the need for recording “Mother Tongue”, the story of its realization… Can we say that even its title is a result of your personal aspiration for honesty towards yourself and the world that surrounds you?

STEFANOVSKI: I have a strong need for honesty toward every single person in the audience. I finally give myself that right. I dare to. In order to be close to everyone. To be close to everyone in the audience. That means to address everyone in their ear. It is a privilege after all. Not everyone can address people in such a way. I think that I have deserved it. I have completed my compositions. I have walked the path to reach this.
I guess I hadn’t been thinking about this at the age of 19-20. I had neither courage, decisiveness, nor experiences to do something like this. The zone is very comfortable when you are in a band. In a band, you divide the responsibility between at least four. If you don’t play, the bass player will, the drummer… the keyboardist will have a solo. If you don’t sing, an accompanying vocal will cover you. You can lean on someone. When you are alone on the stage, you cannot lean on anyone. The terrain is very slippery, while every tone is important. Every tone is being heard. You cannot escape. There is nowhere to escape. Everything is public. Everything is heard. Everything is measured. Such responsibility makes you enter some deeper concentration and dig inside yourself and on the instrument.

Translated byKalina Maleska
PhotographyTatjana Rantaša
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