The Daylight of History

/, Blesok no. 89/The Daylight of History

The Daylight of History

White Star Whitely Bright
The Daylight of History
Shadows of Verdi’s Requiem
Little Hana Brajdova’s Suitcase
A Sisterly Tear Jar
No Rain, No Sunshine After the Rain
Affluence for Hire

Potemkin unplanted yet seeding:
Bakeries bursting with breads, candies overflowing stores;
An image which cannot be forgotten – Jews enjoying all rights

All have more than needed
On top of that, orchestras are playing, choirs are singing:
Until the moment the Red Cross’s visit ends.

Affluence for hire
So that guests leave envious
And then all goes back to normal, with furnaces burning down pain

Be as it may, what will be is not asked about
What you’ve seen you’ve not really seen
How poison too makes glass

A marching parade of vicious worms and wolves
A celebratory dance of sweltering hopes
As if death is never intended for the innocent

Thieves bargaining for pure and unblemished souls do not stop
And heaven, powerless to their prey, stands stupefied
Life, for better or for worse, would count as a gift

Later on, tourist guides would tell us
That behind the barbed wires
The nightingale continuously celebrates the joys of victory.

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