The Daylight of History

/, Blesok no. 89/The Daylight of History

The Daylight of History

White Star Whitely Bright
The Daylight of History
Shadows of Verdi’s Requiem
Little Hana Brajdova’s Suitcase
A Sisterly Tear Jar
No Rain, No Sunshine After the Rain
Affluence for Hire

Still at dawn
Light needs to be drained
From the wells of memory

And to be careful
Not to have the left leg’s big toe smoldered
By the boulder blooming with pain

Mornings are usually congested
But the wet nodes of life
Cunningly crawl after the last rays of sunlight

As a snack, a piece of bread and a tad of butter
A smile, here and there, always mandated
As death’s companion when it finally comes

The black locusts at the gate
Have been astonished since the Middle Ages:
The city air was freeing, then.

The hoe does not plow through
The furrows of redemption
As they consume past and former joys

In the highest echelon of cynicism:
Arbeit macht frei

So there is no rain, for there to be sunshine after the rain.

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