The Daylight of History

/, Blesok no. 89/The Daylight of History

The Daylight of History

White Star Whitely Bright
The Daylight of History
Shadows of Verdi’s Requiem
Little Hana Brajdova’s Suitcase
A Sisterly Tear Jar
No Rain, No Sunshine After the Rain
Affluence for Hire

When wings are ready to take flight
The nest of one’s private pain
Is easily reached

You lick the lost joy
Right out of your own palm
Keeping death at bay through the sounds of a violin

The night shadows fly right out
Of the accords of Verdi’s Requiem
Wiping the audience’s brow

The notes pouring out
Jump throughout history
Sweating inside the conductor’s shoes

The sounds of life
Like bats thump
The walls of eternity

From a dry mouth a nut’s shell
Springs towards the river,
Verdi’s glass of wine

On the other bank of the river:
The last communion and shells on dry land:
Winking at the tired musicians.

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